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Ya gotta start somewhere!

A saying I use quite often is, “ya gotta start somewhere.” What ever it is that you want to do, ya gotta start somewhere. You want to write a book, ya gotta start somewhere, sit down and write. Even if it’s only a paragraph, a page, whatever, ya gotta start somewhere. You want to lose weight; you want to build muscle; you want to paint; you want to be a marathon runner; you get the point.

It’s even Biblical… Ok, I paraphrased, kinda. The Bible says, “do not to despise these small beginnings” (Zechariah 4:10). The truth is, you start small. Pick a saying, “the longest journey starts with a single step.” Look at it how ever you wish. The point is, START! One word written. One ounce lost. One push-up done. One picture painted. One lap ran.

For myself, when I started writing, I was looking for a hobby. I had always wanted to write a story; I had just never sat down and written. One day I decided I would, I sat down and started writing. Once I started, the words started flowing out of me (Thank God), and still are.

There will always be some obstacle, some reason to put off ‘til tomorrow… There will be people’s opinion, the world’s opinion, the weather, you name it. Mine, as far as publishing my book was, what if no one buys it. So what, I wasn’t doing it for them, I was doing it for me. Admittedly, it’s nice to be recognized for your work (if it pays, that's icing on the cake), but that is just a by-product.

The biggest reward comes when “they” say; you have written and published how many books? You lost how much weight? You can bench how much? You sold how many paintings? You ran a marathon?

Yep that was me… But ya gotta start somewhere.

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