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Whoa 2022!

I can hardly believe 2021 passed so quickly, but here we are. I’m excited about the changes coming in 2022. Two years ago, my wife started, and I write for, Matron Publishing Company. This year our daughter Erin, who is the company’s marketing director, will be joining Matron Publishing writing novels. She will be releasing her first novel in the first quarter of 2022.

We are challenging each other and are both planning to release three books each in 2022. Now, I can hear the sighs, and you yelling at me, “You owe us two books from last year!” In my defense, Covid slowed me down (not really, but everyone else on the planet is using that excuse, so…).

Anyway, she is already on my case about keeping on top of blog post, and book updates. I’m looking forward to working with Erin and having a lot of fun (or we might kill each other and wind up as characters in a book…).

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