DN Woodward

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DN Woodward, or Danny as his friends know him, is a native Texan who still resides in the central Texas area. He has undergraduate and graduate degrees in Ecology and Aquatic Resources, though he can’t remember the last time he was able to apply all that biological knowledge to anything deeper than his tomato garden.

Instead, he’s had a career primarily focused on helping oil companies clean up environmental messes with heavy equipment. When he isn’t selling cleanup services, he enjoys raising cattle. Yep, he has a hobby business on the weekends where he hopes to someday raise a show steer so fat and meaty that one of his three kids will waltz away with a giant blue ribbon at the Houston Livestock Show (his wife still laughs at him for this, but a man can dream). Writing was initially another hobby in a long string of hobbies which he started a few years back, but during the pandemic it somehow morphed into a habit he can’t seem to kick.

A Choice of Blades will be available on Amazon on September 7th.


You can also visit DN at his website at https://www.dnwoodward.com/

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