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Introducing Erin Haddock

As you may, or may not know from the previous post, I am Erin, James' daughter, and marketing director.

I spent quite a few years in the corporate world but knew I wanted more. I wanted to be able to spend time with my children, and not have to request days off to chaperone field trips. I wanted to work hard for myself and not make someone else rich. I wanted to be able to finance a life that I loved and not have to answer to anyone but myself, and my 'pen'.

After hearing my father talk about the freedom he enjoys from being able to work from anywhere, I thought I'd try and write a book as well. I mean, I got my BS ability from him, so it was a logical leap. My preferred genre to read is mystery, so that's what I've started writing; I have a few Sci-fi ideas as well.

While I was pregnant with my second child, I started writing my first book. The end of my pregnancy was spent looking for and buying a house to accommodate our growing family; my book took a backseat. After having my daughter, I decided to quit my 9-5 and was winging it. Then, my Dad and I got to talking and the writing fire was reignited. I hope you enjoy the following excerpt from my first book, Death's Echo.

Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction and I hope you enjoy my many books to come.

-Erin Haddock


Death's Echo

At that moment, it was as if death left its echo, and a movie began playing out before her eyes. She was taken back in time, her mother was in the kitchen starting dinner and her father walks in, just as she had done, through the garage. Tom greets his wife, Patty, with a kiss and short embrace, puts his briefcase down, and grabs his apron. Maxine’s parents loved cooking together, so this was not a surprise to see. Tom picked up a spoon and started to stir something when he heard a noise coming from the backyard; he goes to investigate. As soon as he reaches the French doors the glass shatters and Patty screams. Tom is knocked to the ground and the attacker leaps through the broken door. He strikes Tom in the head, knocking him unconscious. Patty screams and tries to run towards the front door. The attacker catches her and chokes her until she passes out. Patty is then tied to a chair in the living room, where she comes to. Tom, bleeding from the head, and extremely disoriented tries to sit up. He sees Patty tied up and tries to go to her. The attacker, seeing Tom try to get up, bludgeoned Tom while Patty is forced to look on. Tom tried to fight back, but he just couldn’t get the upper hand. After the attacker is done with Tom, he set his gaze on Patty. He says something to her, but Maxine can’t make it out. He walked over to her, and slit her throat like he’d done it a million times before. After murdering her parents, he ransacks the house and steals the valuables. Maxine snaps out of it, unknowingly sobbing. She just witnessed her parent's murder, and she couldn’t see the attacker’s face. It was at that moment her gift was realized.

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11 nov 2023

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Me gusta

13 abr 2023

please, please write a sequel to "inherited revenge"

Me gusta

09 feb 2023

I have only one complaint about Team Haddock. You are not writing enough. Grin.

Me gusta

05 dic 2022

Seems like ever time you find an author of good science fiction he can’t help but veer into the ditch with dragons, wizards and other totally unnecessary garbage… It was hard enough to read the first book with the editor an obvious lesser primate, but I found myself rereading everything but the fantasy and liked once again. The western and others were very good.

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Da Wall
Da Wall
07 ago 2022

Anyone know if he is going to finish the duty series? I hate to think he's going to pull a John Ringo on us and Just start never finishing his series.

Me gusta
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