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Book Released!

I'm happy to share with you all that my newest book is now available on Amazon!

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Kennard Hicks
Kennard Hicks
Jan 09, 2023

When are you going to write more duty trilogy books. Realllllly want to know. Be waiting since the last book in the trilogy published.


Jun 14, 2022

Can your daughter start getting on your case about some sequels,lol? You have a goldmine out there in unfinished series and your fans would love to read them


Corley Powers
Corley Powers
Apr 13, 2022

are there any plans for any continuations for any of your already published books?


Mar 31, 2022

As many of your readers are stating i also am waiting for follow-ups on your books. Your books are very enjoyable but waiting for the follow up book (s) is akin to jumping with out a parachute knowing you are going to go splat. I am an avid reader but haven't started reading Duty because I feel it will not be finished and leave me hanging


Dec 23, 2021

Given that you have vanished for several months I have to ask, will you ever finish the Duty Series? How about Cast Down?

Trichley, 100% disabled Vietnam Vet.

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