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Who said?

Do you remember as a kid when you were out playing and wanted to go somewhere new, or do something new? Inevitably one of the other kids would say, “you can’t do that.” Of course, my first question was, “who said?” The answer was usually, “they.”

“They” is that 27 eyed, lying individual that likes to start rumors (no relation, I don’t have that many eyes). For me that was a challenge. I’d go where I wanted to go…as long as mom don’t catch me…

As a side note mom apparently had paid informants all over the neighborhood, so… the point being we didn’t listen to “they” or “them” before, why are we doing it now?

“They” are always going to say you can’t do something, and their list of reasons for not doing it are endless. Some of “them” may think they are helping you. Other are just “haters”. Their dreams aren’t coming true so why should yours.

It isn’t their dream, and pardon my southern slang, “it ain’t none of their business”. Don’t ask “them” their opinion, if you want to share “tell” them what you’re are going to do.

If you fail, learn from your failure, do better the next time. Life happens, life is going to knock you down. If you stay down, life will kick you while you’re down. The longer you stay down the longer the kicking goes on. Life ain’t for sissies, you gotta fight. If life slaps you, kick life in the crotch, and knuckle up. The first bloody lip hurts, after that it ain’t nothing. Spit the blood out and go at it!

Do you have a dream, something you’re are passionate about? Knuckle up. It ain’t nobody else’s dream, its yours. You have to want it, want it bad enough to fight for it. If not, “life”, “them”, and “they” will steal it from you.

Who said you couldn’t do it? Remember Susan Boyle? How many of “them” told her she wasn’t good enough. “They” cheered for her after the fact, and said “I knew you could do it…”

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