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Time to get back to work

Wow , 2019 flew by. I took most of December off and spent Christmas with family. We enjoyed Christmas and New Years in Colorado Springs with the kids, and grand-kids. Now that 2020 is here it's time to get back to work. The guy that was going to design my cover was unable to do so, so I had to get someone else to do it. Hopefully by the end of the month "Mage Throne Prophecy" will be out. My thanks to everyone who bought my books! 2019 was my first year as an author and for a newbie, and thanks to you, my books are doing well. God Bless everyone, and may you have a prosperous new year! To answer the most popular question, yes, sequels are coming.

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5 commentaires

Robyn Douglas
Robyn Douglas
16 juin 2021

Is there a second book in the wizard's alley series?


15 avr. 2020

i loved hand made mage and mage throne prophecy. Do you plan follow up books for either series? I really hope so...


24 mars 2020

I really enjoyed the first two Duty books. Looking forward to the third one.


24 mars 2020

When are you going to finish the trilogy Duty?


08 janv. 2020

Just in case Amazon does not post my review (They are funny that way, sometimes...), here is my comment on Duty Calls:

One of the most positive, enjoyable and satisfying stories I have ever read!

Despite editing errors, this is a great tale to immerse yourself into. The characters and their interactions are worthy of respect and admiration. *Though the female characters could use a little more center stage time in all fairness...and I'm a guy saying that!*

My lifelong "childhood" fantasy options can now include:

1. Being a protagonist in a Heinlein novel.

2. Being a protagonist in this novel .

3. Being a guy whose alias might be Clark Kent.

**VERY tough choices!!**

The obvious and cliche next…

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