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My style

“Why don’t you write more descriptively? You know, add more color to your writing.”

“What, like telling you the color of the wallpaper in the room, the floor squeaked. Those kinds of things?”

“Well, maybe not everything, but some.”

“As a storyteller, I add color when the color is important to the story. ‘The floor squeaked’ is saying someone, or something is coming into the story, so I add that. Here is an example.” I walked down the boardwalk store fronts; they were all the same in these small western towns.

“In your mind’s eye, you already have a picture of what I just described. Your imagination is better at painting the picture, and its one you believe. Now if I need something to happen.” I walked down the boardwalk store fronts; they were all the same in these small western towns. My boot caught on a loose board’s nail head causing me to stumble. The bullet burned a crease along my cheek. I drew and fired in one motion at the gun flash in front of me. I heard a body fall as I moved into the shadows. No more shots came. Thank God for lazy carpenters.

“The extra color was needed for the story to progress. I could have done with out it, but in this case, I needed a little color. I’m a storyteller at heart, not a set designer. I guess you could call it my ‘Style’. I want to engage your imagination, get you in the story, where you become the character. I’m sure some people will call this simplistic, and that’s ok. My books, and/or style are not for everyone. I'm not writing ‘War and Peace’ someone’s already done that. I just hope you enjoy the vacation from reality in the stories I tell, and books I write.”

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2 komentáře

hud russo
hud russo
03. 9. 2020

I actually enjoy using my imagination I don't need to know what color things are unless it is relevant. I find authors who use filler content annoying. Keep doing your thing Sir.

To se mi líbí

26. 11. 2019

You are indeed an excellent story teller. I enjoy most character driven stories. Your characters are wonderful. Please keep writing.

To se mi líbí
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