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My decision not to…

A lot of you will not remember, but there was a time when there was no cursing, on TV, radio, or in print. It was considered bad manners, and rude especially, in front of women and children. “Hell” was said, but only by preachers or in that reference. Instead of sex scenes in movies or TV, they danced. There was a big to-do when “I love Lucy” showed Ricky and Lucy in bed together. Even though both were wearing long pajamas. Anyway, the point I’m making is, now the opposite is the norm.

When I began writing I decided not to have profanity, or sex scenes in my books. No, I’m not a prude. I just looked back at all the programs that I really enjoyed growing up. There was none of that in them, some say that was a simpler, easier time. I doubt it, it was just the way Hollywood depicted it. Listening to the “old folks” it was anything but a simpler or easier time. What changed? Money. Sex sells. Then, more sex, sold more. Its all about the money, but isn’t everything… In life and in stories, follow the money.

The point being, does any of that really add to the story? If told right, I don’t think so. If I must depend on cursing, or sex (I don’t write erotica) to carry my story, I need a rewrite. I’m not throwing rocks, I’m talking about me, and what works for me. I understand now there is a sub-genre called “cozy, or cozies” where cursing, sex and violence scenes are downplayed. Spoiler alert: my books do have violence (not extreme) in them, sorry (no one’s perfect).

So, if you’ve a mind, take a trip with me back to yesteryear where the opening line of the story doesn’t make your ears bleed… Well, until the thunderclap of over-pressure hits from the Mage teleporting into the room and he starts slitting throats… Sorry, that kinda slipped out…

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