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I wonder...

I’ve been on vacation is Colorado Springs, Colorado this week, visiting the kids and grand kids. Having a great time answering a thousand questions from my grandson. He is beginning to speak clearly, and his favorite question so far has been, “Doing Papa?” As in “What are you doing Papa?”

I have also taken the opportunity to finish building my website (, with the assistance of my tech support (my daughter Erin, she growls at me, lol), and graphic design adviser (my son Derek, his claim). It turned out better than I could have done on my own. Thanks to both.

Looking up at Pike’s Peak made me think of the pioneers seeing it for the first time. Many stayed on this side of the mountain, some thought, “I wonder what’s on the other side,” and pushed on. I’m the kind of person that would wonder what was on the other side. Would I have the courage to push on?

I wonder…

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