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Greetings Earthlings

First, let me apologize for not being more active with my blog posts and keeping you in the loop about what’s going on. I’ll try to do better on my future visits to your dimension.

Ok… the top question I get is when is book 3 of the Duty series going to be out? I was shooting for the first quarter of ’21. To be honest, I hate what I have written so far… It's flat… plainly, it sucks. I have once again set it to the side to let it stew while working on other projects.

Those other projects being another audiobook coming out in a month or so (Mage Throne Prophecy). We plan to make all my books into audibles. Daniel Wisniewski, a voice actor, has done an excellent job of bringing the books to life.

As far as new books, I have one at the editors now, Lord of the High Reaches; I hope to have it out by the end of next month. It’s about a human/cat hybrid who is a chameleon or C-cat (Fur can change colors). Because he’s not pure blood (Father was a human trader, mother a C-cat), the clan leadership will not allow him to participate in the rites of passage into adulthood. If he does not pass the test, he can’t become a member of the clan. Frustrated, he leaves the clan with nothing but his claws to seek his own path. Of course, adventure ensues. More to come later.

I’m working on another book now about a low-level mage who can hide in shadows. His family are stonecutters, but he has not manifested his stone cutting abilities yet. The family thinks of him as a failure, so they use him as a common laborer in their rock quarry. He doesn’t mind; it keeps him away from his brothers, who think him useless. His shadow hiding ability seems more of a game until a coup in the kingdom and a purge of mages occur. Now his hiding gift may save his life.

I know some of you have said I need to finish a series before starting a new one. I get it. The problem is I must write where the passion is. When a story begins making itself known and starts pushing to get out, I’m just along for the ride. And so, that brings you up to date.

Thanks for reading,


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