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Finished editing my new book, "Mage Throne Prophecy".

I finished editing and rewrite of my new book. It took longer than I thought it would, but doesn’t it always. I’m trying something new this time based on some advice from a few fellow authors. I’m going to let the book sit for a week or so, then reread it. They tell me if I do that, I’ll find more things that need correcting. Which is probably true, we’ll see.

Something else I’m trying new this time is letting a graphic designer work on the cover for the new book (which is in his hands at the time of this writing). I wanted something more specialized this time, so we’ll see how it turns out. This book will have a lot of firsts going into it. Along with the different editing style, the new book cover designer, I plan on releasing my book through a self-publishing group (what is referred to as “going wide”).

My other books were exclusive to Amazon, this will give me access to a larger audience. By doing this my book can be sold on Amazon, Kobe, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and most of the other platforms.

Wish me luck,


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