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It would make a great bard’s song: The orphan son of a mage, a battlefield scavenger saves a knight’s life, is elevated to be his squire, and becomes a dragon’s envoy. But this is no bard’s song. All of this was because of the dragon stone necklace I scavenged from that dead mage. I knew it was magic when I saw it. Well, it was and it wasn’t. Dragon stone they call it, but what it actually is, is a dragon’s egg. When I touched it, I felt the need to put it around my neck for safekeeping. When I did, the necklace embedded itself inside my skin, making me the new dragon’s envoy. It has since been my duty to protect the egg until she’s ready to hatch. How do I know the egg is a she? Easy, she talks to me and is helping me to bring out my natural magic talents. Sometimes I’d rather it was a bard’s song, as it can be tiring. Although I must admit, having a dragon inside you comes in handy when people are trying to kill you.

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I truly love this author's books. His mages books are similar but definitely not the same. I loved this story and his characters. I can't wait for the sequel. - Amazon reader

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